Campus LAB

LAB Process & Laura Vilar
Process-oriented, community building, research, network, lead practices, open space and performances

July 2-10
Veicolo Danza, via Ponte Laveggio 3b, Ligornetto-Mendrisio (TI Switzerland)
July 2-6 Part 1 – Lab Process in autonomy with the group
July 2nd meeting at 10 am
Program details will be defined with the group
July 7-10 Part 2 – Lab lead by Laura Vilar
No one knows what a body dancing can do
July 7 (first day) 14-19h
Mo-Wed 10h-15h (with 1h for lunch)

Full Lab CHF 420.00 / Early Bird CHF 380.00
Only Part 1 – LAB Process CHF 140.00 / Early Bird CHF 130.00
Only Part 2 – Lab Laura Vilar CHF 310.00 / Early Bird CHF 280.00

Early bird ends on May 5th
You can still apply at a regular rate until June 15th

(Accommodation is arranged independently by participants).

Part 1 – LAB Process

A process oriented, self-coordinated Lab for movement artists in south Switzerland during the Permanency/Festival Ticino in Danza. 5 days to network, share practices, meet other artists, attend the program of TiD’s new format. 
Artists taking part in the Lab - Process are given a space to work as a group, to connect with the other artists virtually ahead of time, to form a community to explore and share feedbacks, have discussions, jams etc.

The participants will be put in contact ahead of time to co-create a system to work collectively for 5 days towards sharing a process and ideas, there could be space to share some practices and research tools, to just receive inputs from others, to ask questions to fellow artists, to propose a format to explore movement as a collective, to further navigate the process vs product dilemma, (…)
Also there will be the possibility to attend the performances of the 10th edition of TiD, get to know more about the artists invited and who have been working for months within the frame of TiD Permanency new format.

The participants are asked to give a small contribution for the space and other resources that are shared by the Festival (space+kitchen for lunch, wifi, online tools to connect, meeting and planning coordination).

Part 2 – Contemporary dance workshop with Laura Vilar
No one knows what a body dancing can do

During these days I would like to propose different ways of approaching dance. We will work on fixed sequences, improvisations, and somatic explorations that allow us to explore a little deeper. I would like to propose a journey through our physical experience dancing but also through our sensitivity, ways of thinking, questioning and imagining dance.

We will organize different moments of sharing and reflecting together, writing and tracing the experience as another layer of the investigation.

The main objective of this meeting is to share our dances, explore and create thought-action devices that contain the potential to disarm habits and trace new possibilities to dance, create or teach.

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Laura Vilar (ES/AT)

Dancer, choreographer, facilitator, and researcher. PhD degree from the Philosophy department at UAB with artistic research.

She is co-directing nunArt, an artistic research center in Barcelona.

With a large experience as a dancer and teacher both national and internationally, currently, she is a member of the dance pedagogy department at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and she is involved in projects with Im_Flieger a free space and experimental ground for dance, performance and transmedia art in Vienna.