What is your place of the heart?

Take part by sharing your memories and your imagination

In its participatory form, Ticino in Danza intends to promote devices that can invite encounters.
Such an encounter acquires a particularly profound value, we believe, through asking questions.
And so we want to involve you in anticipation of TiD ‘24...
The artists* Enrico Frisoni (IT) and Leung Hoi Yee (Alysa) (Hong Kong), guests of the Festival, enrich their creative process through these questions.
The theme of places of the heart was inspired by a meeting with the boys and girls who edit the Stabio Middle School newspaper, coordinated by teacher Roberta Sciortino.

This is a call to collect answers / memories / stories. You can feel free to answer the questions by writing, by audio/recording, by drawings, photographs, etc.
For written texts we ask not to exceed 300 words, for audios not to exceed 2/3 min for each question.
You can upload your answers on the link below, creating a folder with your name and placing the materials inside your folder.

By 20 June.


  1. If the heart were the place of our memories, the place where we collect and rewrite our memories, what is your heart place? Describe your place of the heart in detail. Can you also share a memory related to it?
  2. What would happen if you no longer had this memory?
  3. If you were to imagine the best of all possible worlds, what would it be like?

For any problems with uploading please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via whatsapp at +41 76 582 73 45