Our intention is to evoke a sense of permeability between everyday life and art. Art invites us to look inside ourselves and find the unique qualities that make us indispensable individuals in forming an intelligent society. It is through the awakening of our own creativity and personality that we generate a social impact that corresponds to us and of which we can be satisfied.

Would you like to contribute to an intelligent society, formed by aware individuals capable of using their creativity in a synergistic way to generate innovative social impact?

Would you like to live in a community capable of offering artistic and cultural products that create social cohesion with free access for all?

Even the smallest contribution is precious to us!

Thank you if you would like to support us and we look forward to seeing you at the Ticino in Danza events.

Donations by postal account:

Associazione Veicolo Danza
6852 Genestrerio
IBAN CH23 0900 0000 6967 1590 9